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For more information on the Workforce Health Initiative, please contact Kimberly Lease at 281-588-8683 or kimberly.lease@hcahealthcare.com.

Workforce Health Initiative

The objective of the Workforce Health Initiative is to collaborate with employers to identify, address and eliminate employee health risks before they result in costly healthcare claims. We utilize the following components:

Health Information Center

A wall-mounted display designed to educate employees on pertinent health issues and provide details regarding available health promotion activities.

Personal Health Profile

Confidential surveys provide the hospital with the necessary information to identify the unhealthy lifestyle characteristics and modifiable health risks of your workforce group and inform employees about their individual health risks.

Personal Health Report

A customized health risk assessment designed to inform employees of their personal health risks and detail how they can achieve better health through specific lifestyle changes.

Workforce Health Profile

A “health snapshot” of the workforce that helps employers to:

  • compare the health of your workforce to others in the market
  • identify the specific health risks present in your workforce and address these risks before they generate significant claims
  • trend, over time, the improvements in the health of your workforce

Prevention, Screening and Education Services

The hospital can coordinate on-site screenings, body fat measurements, and health education seminars targeted to the specific health needs of your workforce.

HR Insight

HR Insight is an Internet-based financial analysis tool that allows employers to:

  • understand the health risks faced by your workers
  • project how healthcare dollars will be spent
  • identify potential savings through the attainment of a healthier workforce

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