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West Houston Cardiovascular Center maintains a strong record of quality and success through its team approach to patient care. Research proves that team care results in the best outcomes for patients.

Here’s what to expect when you are treated at West Houston Cardiovascular Center:

We give time and attention to each patient, enabling each person to feel confident and comfortable about what lies ahead. This includes a full discussion of any tests, surgery plans, the pre-operative process, and post-operative care. Patients and their families have direct access to their cardiologist and surgeon, and all your questions will be answered.

Your team may include:

  • Cardiac anesthesiologist
    Our board-certified cardiac anesthesiologists have additional cardiac specialty training including post-graduate training and fellowships in cardiac care. This contributes to our low complication rates and shorter operation times.

  • Cardiologist
    Our highly skilled, experienced cardiologists, with training at other leading medical institutions, specialize in all areas of cardiac care, from wellness and prevention to treatment of diseases of the heart through invasive, non-invasive and electrophysiology methods.

  • Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgeon
    The surgeons of West Houston Cardiovascular Center are specially trained and board certified.

  • Nurses
    Our operating room nurses have extensive experience working with cardiac surgeons for optimum results.

  • Perfusionist
    Our perfusionists are board-certified with extensive open heart perfusion experience and broad experience in a range of cardiovascular procedures.

  • Primary Care Physician
    Your primary care physician is an important member of our team. Your surgeon and cardiologist will maintain close contact with your doctor, from initial consultation to the time you return to your regular doctor’s care.

  • ICU and Post-Cardiac Care
    Other key members of the West Houston Cardiovascular Center team are found in ICU and in the post cardiac care unit. Nurses and technicians specialize in cardiac care and are committed to giving each patient individualized, personal care. RNs in cardiac care are Certified Critical Care Nurses, designating superior competency in their area of nursing specialization. They are also certified in advanced life-support techniques.

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