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Cancer cells are fast replicating by nature. Radiation damages their genetic structure so that they can no longer replicate. IMRT optimizes the radiation delivery process and enables clinicians to treat areas that would have been considered too challenging to treat optimally due to surrounding organs just a few years ago.

The Sugar Land Cancer Center invested early in IMRT technology with the Varian 2IEX Clinac medical linear accelerator. It can deliver 3-D conformal radiotherapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy. The accelerator is a machine nearly 9 feet high and 15 feet long weighing 18,700 pounds.

It generates high-energy X-rays using microwave energy to accelerate electrons to close to the speed of light. As the electrons reach maximum speed, they collide with a metal target to release photons. The accelerator rotates around the patient to deliver the radiation treatment from almost any angle.

The machine’s 120-leaf collimator shapes the radiation beam so it conforms exactly to the three-dimensional shape of a tumor. This allows your radiation oncologist to get the highest resolutions possible today for targeting tumors while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue.

Greater precision leads to fewer complications and, potentially, better outcomes. This machine can deliver radiation doses to an area as small as a pencil. This increases the doctor’s ability to target cancer cells accurately with very high radiation doses while keeping the dose to normal tissues as low as possible.

Greater accuracy also increases the chance for tumor eradication and decreases the probability of side effects and complications.

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